“If It Isn't Given, It's Been Taken" by Anonymous

Just a little?

That’s all that it took I guess

It doesn’t seem like something that should’ve happened so it must not be a big deal



I guess

I can try

I don’t know I’ve never done this before

No you don’t push my head down

No you don’t push my head down

No you don’t push my head down


Nobody who’s known you since you were seven should ever push your head down


But there’s more fish in the sea

And then you drop me off at the curb


But it wasn’t the first time

Because the first time was when you told me I could kiss you and then you pulled me off the path

And I was confused but I let it go as you kissed me and didn’t ask

And then you decided you could invade my privacy


Just muscle memory for you


Because it was yours to take

Not up to me


You’re so fucking hot


Oh that’s nice but can we wait


I remember being confused because if you said


We didn’t have to if I wasn’t ready


 Then why did you do it again


When you write it out then you understand that it was because it didn’t matter to you that I wasn’t ready


I hope you understand


I had a crush on you in second grade

What if one day we fell in love?!


Is it safe to think that I’m not as strong as I thought I was

It doesn’t feel like it’s safe to think anything right now


I hope you understand

What’s going on up there

I feel like I finally understand

After four months of ignoring




Because you always think you’re untouchable until you’ve been touched



Oh shit


Well now it makes sense


I hope you never have to understand

Lying in bed feeling like you’re having a heart attack

Phrases running ultra marathons through the head

That doesn’t feel like it’s yours anymore


If you’re not in control of your body

Then you’re not in control of the most important part of your body


When they open the floodgates in your head

Thoughts rush in


But this time it feels more like a choice


Because with anxiety comes an analytical thought process