Katy Richardson, "The Humid Set"

But Im Allergic

and frustrated. 

Its night and hot.

Im twisted,

sweating the sheets.


Since theres no escape,

Ill light a candle.


My altar is littered

with La Croix cans.


Absurdism didnt seem so gauche

in previous administrations.


Ill Be Honest With You

This is the back-up plan.

Were in it.

We sussed it out on the silent road trip,

when my car still smelled new

and the things I said seemed

fresh to even me.


This is the prune plan.

When they dried up,

shriveled like umbilical cords.


Still good in their way.

Ill wrap them up in

individual plastic

a candy trick.


Eat up.

You could use the good shit.

May is Different

Im older in the calculable way.

More kids die.

My sister graduates high school.

I joke that shes a survivor.


Its not a funny joke.

Because Im older,

I ask a lot of questions.

An example:

Can I be cynical without

being opportunistic?


I dont have a clock on

my wall. But Ive spent

most of my life is schools

where there are clocks

on walls. Maybe I miss

the ticking.


Theres probably an app for that.